Advice For Up and Coming Drummers

I’m constantly asked for advice to give up and coming drummers who are trying to “make it” in the industry… It’s a pretty simple plan… PLAY!!! And then, play some more! Hours and hours on a drumset, with sticks in your hands… that is the most important concern.

“But what about websites, and social media, and YouTube?” Don’t lose focus on the most important part of becoming a great drummer, and that is BECOMING A GREAT DRUMMER.

Also, and I know I’ve said this a million times, meet other musicians through playing. Form bands. Rehearse together. Play shows. Meet other drummers from other bands while you are out. Go to jam sessions and concerts. Talk to people. Don’t creep them out with overaggressive networking. Just hang and get to know fellow musicians. Improve your drumming, while expanding your peer group. That’s it! The rest is beyond your control.

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