Michael Miller
I Made You Up

Brendan produced the critically acclaimed I Made You Up, introducing a never-before-used recording process called “ultra-deluxe.” What is now widely known among recording engineers, it had never been tried before… a courageous combination of hand-bone rhythm and 2-inch tape. It was this bold experiment that revolutionized the music recording industry.

PRODUCER: Brendan Buckley with Joe Ongie, Michael Miller
MICHAEL MILLER: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Brendan Buckley: Drums, Pump Organ, Keyboards, Percussion
Dan Rothchild: Bass, Piano
Eric Heywood: Pedal Steel, Electric Guitar
Patrick Warren: Piano, Chamberlin, Pump Organ
Lyle Workman: Electric Guitar, Sitar
Rami Jaffee: Piano, Organ, B3, Harmonium, Bells, Whistles
Ben Peeler: Electric Guitar, Baritone Guitar
Adam Zimmon: Electric Guitar
Joe Ongie: Bass
Mike Roe: Electric Guitar, Vocals
Stevie Blacke: Violin, Cello, Sarod

Love Choir on “Million Lonely People”:
Tracy Bonham, Pete Yorn, Amy Correia, Kristin Mooney,
Butch Norton, Jeremy Toback, Joel Graves, Marc Dauer,
Johnny Scaglione, Mark Johnson.

RECORDED: Mike Terry
MIXED: Ryan Freeland
MASTERED: Gavin Lurssen

Sale El Sol

Sale El Sol (which means “The Sun Comes Out” in English) is Shakira’s seventh studio album. Released in October 2010, the album has sold over 500,000 copies in the US and over 4 million copies worldwide, received three Latin Grammy Award nominations, including Album of the Year, and won the award for Best Female Pop Vocal Album.

Buy the album, Sale El Sol.