Ghostly Life

The band took a long time to make their first full-length album, Ghostly Life, because members were on tour with Damien Rice in 2003, Our Lady Peace in 2005, and also took time out to record and tour with other artists. Ghostly Life is inspired by “art, politics, love, hate, life, loneliness, chaos, and good Scotch.”

In the middle of an early morning session, “Mr. Drums” (as he demands people to call him) – Blair Sinta – had to run to the Qwickie Mart for a fresh pack of Marlboro Lites and gummy bears. Brendan happened to be hanging out that day, and was exploring and discovering Blair’s stool, spinning around on it, examining the cushion softness… Joel was fiddling on his guitar and had to try out an idea immediately… tape was rolling and Brendan started playing along… like a Christmas miracle, magic and sparks did occur…

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