Shakira 2017-2018 Drum Set-Up

Brendan Buckley: set-up

Shakira “El Dorado” World Tour 2018-2019

DW Drums: Stainless Steel with Custom Gold Wrap on DW Rack

(1x) 8” X 12” Tom

(1x) 9” X 13” Tom

(1x) 14” X 16” Floor Tom

(1x) 16” X 18” Floor Tom

(1x) 18” X 22” Bass Drum

(1x) 8” PDP Timbalito

(1x) 10” PDP Timbalito

Snare Drums:

(1x) 5 ½” X 14” DW Design Series Black Nickel Snare Drum – main

(1x) 6” X 13” PDP Concept Series Black Nickel Snare Drum – side

* Canopus Vintage Snare Wires underneath

Sabian Cymbals: (listed in order from Left to Right)

1. 19” Paragon Chinese

2. HHX Evolution Crash 16”

    B8 Pro Splash 8” inverted

3. HHX Groove Hats 14”-with Hammered Nickel Jingles and Bells on top (Big Fat Snare Drum)

4. HHX Evolution Crash 18”

5. HH Splash 10”

    HH Max Stax Splash 8”- stacked

    HH Max Stax China Kang 8”- stacked on top

6. HHX Dry Ride 21”

    HHX Evolution Splash 12” on top

7. Vault V Crash 19”

8. AAX Mini Chinese 114”- inverted

    6 Nickel Jingle Strip- inside

    AA Mini Hats 12”- top

    AAX Splash 8” – top

9. HHXtreme Crash 19”

10. 19” Paragon Chinese


(3x) LP Patato Black Fiberglass Congas (Quinto, Conga, Tumba) on triple stand

(1x) LP Black Fiberglass Bongos on stand

(2x) LP 12 ½” Mechanical Grey Djembes on stands

(1x) Metal Doumbek on stand

(1x) Bolivian Bombo Leguero on stand 

(1x) 20” X 24” DW Gong Drum: Black Lacquer with Custom Gold Wrap Stripes on rolling rack

Vic Firth Sticks: 

Brendan Buckley Signature 5A White sticks

Heritage Wire brushes

T1 Timpani mallets

Remo Heads:

Coated Emperors (batter side toms)

Clear Ambassadors (resonant side toms)

CS Coated Dot  (14” snare drum)

Coated Ambassadors (13” snare drum)

Clear Powerstroke 3 (batter side bass drums)

Ebony Ambassadors (resonant side bass drums)


(2x) MacBook Pro computers with Native Instruments: Battery 4

(2x) MOTU Ultra Lite MK3

(1x) Radial SW8 MK2

(1x) Roland TD50 as midi interface

(1x) SPD30 as Sample Pad

(1x) Roland V Drum Kick KD-140-BC

(1x) Roland V Drum Pad PD-128-BC

(3x) Roland V Drum PDX-8 Pads

(2x) Roland KT-10 Kick Triggers

(1x) Roland BT-1 Bar Trigger

(2x) RT-30H Acoustic Triggers (on both snare drums)

(1x) RT-30K Acoustic Trigger (on bass drum)

(1x) Boss DB-90 with FS-5U pedal

In-Ear Monitors:

JH Audio

Drum Pad: 


Drum Muting:

Drum Dots and Gaffer Tape


Coconut Water


Nag Champa

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